Are you looking for a Work of Art or a hight quality reproduction?

We hold a large choice of classical and contemporary Works of Art as well as reproductions of works relating to the Zwinregion such as postal cards, ancient maps, hunting scenes, billboards, ...

  • Large selection of modern Works of Art

    Every modern artist is 'unique' with his work or his modern art object. So each modern work of art demands a proper framing style and protective measures. As far as possible, we try to follow this logic, which is not always obvious.

    In any case, we have gained a lot of experience working with well-known works of artists who even resided at one time or another in our Zwin region in the years '70 -'80-'90. ..

    Here we especially think of Keith Haring (USA), Folon (B), Niki (FR), Bernar Venet (FR), Karel Appel (NL), etc ...

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  • Large selection of Classical Works of Art

    Atelier Rubens has a wide selection of classical works that generally already have been framed professionally in an artistic way. If you have a work of art which is in need of a refresher or a restoration due to a discoloration or an accident, we are there to help you with expert advice. We restore works of art and frames and of course we also replace broken proction glass.

    On all orders over € 100, we deliver in the area of Knokke-Heist, Sluis, Cadzand, Blankenberge and Damme.

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  • Large selection of Works relating to the Zwinregion

    Atelier Rubens is set in the the Zwinregion, the gallery is well provided with elements reflection the rich history of the Zwinregion. We hold copies of valuable ancient maps, ancient touristic posters, local charts, artworks, famous (art) prints, enlarged postcards, ... from golden age of Knokke - Het Zoute - Duinbergen - Heist - Sluis - Damme ...

    Most works of art are for sale and the entrance is free. You are always welcome during opening hours or by appointment.

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