Conservation Techniques

Paintings, lithographs, watercolors and drawings are vulnerable. If you opt for an inexpensive frame (or framing), then your art work may get damaged over time. Cardboard mats and glues may hold acids that will damage your work of art. Atelier Rubens uses fastening techniques and mats that are completely acid-free. Also, they don't attract mold which occurs in humid rooms, such as your basement or attic. If you want to avoid discoloration and fading, (such as photos), we use UV-resistant glass. They help to keep the colors bright and fresh!

Atelier Rubens is specialised in classical mat techniques in English or French style. We also apply contemporary techniques or styles such as three-dimensional plexiglass frames. In addition, we can frame your contemporary wort of art in a transparent, flat box.

From any order larger than €100,- and if your work does not exceed a certain size, we do not charge to deliver your artwork at home in the surrounding areas of Knokke-Heist, Zeebrugge, Blankenberge, Damme and even Sluis except if the pieces are wider than 120cm and longer than 140cm!

  • Contemporary frames

    Even though our store seems to be somehow 'British', you can certainly talk with us with your ultra contemporary taste or ideas.

    Tell us what you'd like us to do and we'll do our uttermost to accomodate your style!

    We are open to any style ranging from simplicity to 'super cool'.

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  • Classical frames

    Of course, we also make 'traditional' and / or timeless frames tailored to your interior or taste.

    We realize artistic frames ranging from the early 20th century until the first years of the Baroque period (early 17th century). We are aware of many types of patina or matting techniques that were used at that time.

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  • Our Workshop

    Our workshop is located on the same premises as our store where there's a very large range of frames, passe-partouts, in all styles and colours.

    90% of all work is craftfully executed by us on our premises. We strive to deliver ‘quality’ hand finished frames so that your valueable work of art will cast its true value after we applied our professional approach!

    If you were to be in doubt as to how the final product will look like, we'll explain you step by step how we will proceed.

    Taking into account that the frames are custom made we do ask you to respect our delivery times, subject to 'The law of Murphy’, as each frame and the materials being applied are subject to availability, artisic constaints and craftmanship.

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